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Serbian Political Thought

The Citizens of Serbia´s Views of Democracy


This paper deals with the results of a thematic and empirical research of the citizens of Serbia´s attitude toward democracy on several levels, with the main conclusion that the views of democracy are not at all unambiguous. Majority acceptance of numerous criticisms of democracy is more widespread than the majority acceptance of democracy as a common value, a system of institutions and set of behaviourial patterns, as well as acceptance of general, positive and concrete standpoints on specific aspects of democracy. The ratings on the degree of democratism of functioning of the political system in Serbia as well as the trust in its key institutions are negative, too. Although these findings are mainly expected, there is a surprisingly low percentage of citizens with consistent pro-democratic orientation as well as is suprising the dominant attitude of the public opinion that democracy is impossible when big countries dictate the small ones what to do. Citizens´ standpoints on this precondition for the development of democracy have not been analysed so far, and they unambiguously indicate the conviction that the democratic character of the structure and functioning of the political system within a country are strongly limited by the democratic character of the international economic and political relations.

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PERIODIKA Serbian Political Thought 2/2011 UDC 321.7:316.64(497.11) 103-120