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European Standards and Constitutional Changes in Serbia


The author examines the influence of European integrations on the constitutional process and determines directions of the constitutional reform in the Republic of Serbia. At the time of adoption of the 2006 Constitution, the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe (CoE) have been monitor- ing the process and providing good offices. Their objections have been partly incorporated in the supreme legal act of Serbia. Yet, however, this Constitution does not fully meet European standards in terms of the manner of adoption and content of the constitutional matter. This paper critically examines EU and CoE criticism and points to other problems concerning altering the Constitu- tion. Opinion of the Venice Commission was a starting point in reconsidera- tion of European organisations’ critiques regarding the Constitution of Serbia. Lack of consensus on institutional and political reforms makes future constitu- tional review uncertain.

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UDC 342.4(497.11):340.137(4-672EU) 81-101