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Christian Think-Tanks in Europe and North America


In contemporary literature, think-tanks are often considered political, strategic, security, foreign policy and international relations. Unfortunately, the concern for religious think-tanks is missing from scientific analysis. The most appropriate classification of think-tanks entails specific religious defining them. Thus, we will consider: religious analysis think-tanks, Christian think-tanks (with their categories: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Evangelical), ecumenical and inter-religious think-tanks, Islamic think-tanks, Jewish think-tanks; Buddhist think-tanks, New Age think-tanks, atheist think-tanks. Among these, Christian think-tanks present a common organizational and functional theme, which makes them suitable for a separate approach – which constitutes the object of the following research.

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    External links

    1. http://www.aoiusa.org/ (American OrthodoxInstitute)
    2. http://biblicalresearch.gc.adventist.org/ (Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist)
    3. http://www.bjcpa.org/ (Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)
    4. http://www.casinapioiv.va/ (Pontificia Academia Scientiarum)
    5. http://chalcedon.edu/ (The Ministry of Chalcedon)
    6. http://www.clarionreview.org/ (Clarion Magazine)
    7. http://www.dbclimerick.ie/ (Dominican Biblical Institute)
    8. http://www.discovery.org/ (Discovery Institute)
    9. http://www.dominicancenter.org/ (Dominican Center for Religious Development)
    10. http://www.ecum.ro/ (Ecumenical Research Center Sibiu)
    11. http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/ (Ekklesia)
    12. http://erlc.com/research_institute/ (The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission)
    13. http://www.ev-akademie-boll.de/ (Protestant Academy of Bad Boll)
    14. http://www.findtofund.com/patriarch-athenagoras-orthodox-institute-159.html (Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute)
    15. http://www.ftoub.ro/ (The Interreligious and Interdisciplinary Studies Center)
    16. http://www.ibr-bbr.org/ (Institute for Biblical Research)
    17. http://www.ifacs.com/ (The Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies)
    18. http://www.inter-institute.ro/ (INTER. Romanian Institute of Inter-Orthodox Studies, Inter-confessional and Inter-religious)
    19. http://www.interrelthinktank.ch/ (Interreligiöser Think-Tank)
    20. http://www.hartfordinstitute.org/ (Hartford Institute for Religion Research)
    21. http://rra.hartsem.edu/ (Religious Research Association)
    22. http://www.loyno.edu/jsri/ (Jesuit Social Research Institute)
    23. http://www.mersulvremurilor.ro/ (Walking Times)
    24. http://pascalcentre.org/ (The Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faithand Science)
    25. http://www.rugulaprins.go.ro/ (Hesychasm Association)
    26. http://www.theird.org/ (Institute on Religion & Democracy)
    27. http://www.theosthinktank.co.uk/ (Theos)


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