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The paper examines the challenges of leadership and followership in governance and how poor leadership has undermined democratic and sustainable development in Nigeria. Specifically, it explores reasons why one of the world most endowed nations in human capacity continues to be bequeathed mis-governance. Using documentary approach, we argue that the challenges for poor leadership and followership in Nigeria’s contemporary political system are tied to corruption and self-aggrandizement of leaders and followers with unquenchable self-centeredness coupled with a crop of leaders without vision towards the betterment of the country. We conclude however that Nigerians should focus on electing leaders with proven track records of selfless service, achievement towards geared sustainability and developmental stride for efficiency, effectiveness and higher productivity. If this was done in line with the intent to salvage the crumbling political system, there would be renewed value orientation that is required to make Nigerians more politically responsible to the country.

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