Zarko Obradovic

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The defense organization of every modern state should be a balanced civil-military institution with a clear legally defined civilian supremacy. It must be able, within the available public resources, to provide the most optimal environment for the development of the defense system and, above all, the preparation and efficient and effective use of the military in carrying out the missions assigned to it. Given that the projected state of the defense organization is in constant development and change, expressed through the need to adapt to the real risks and available resources, the defense system must be in a reform that has a evergreening character. Accordingly, the Republic of Serbia has harmonized the organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense on several occasions in the last twenty years, mirroring the state of the current political situation in the country. The main starting point in building the optimal organization of the Ministry of Defense in the Republic of Serbia was the desire to ensure the dominant position of the Minister of Defense within the institution. This was also the basis for the development of successful management and the necessary resources for civilian administration, in order to achieve the necessary organizational model that would enable democratic oversight of the military, but also respect military expertise in all necessary areas. At the same time, the adoption of new strategic documents and the introduction of the concept of total defense, requires harmonization of the organization of the Ministry of Defense with the current vision of security policy in the protection of national interests of the Republic of Serbia. The paper will present the change in the organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia from 2000 until today.