Snežana S. Đorđević

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Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade.


Housing Policy and Housing Market in Serbia

This article analyses housing policy and the quality of housing market in Serbia. Housing policy is analyzed in connection with policy of spatial and urban planning and building and construction policy, focusing on the housing availability as vital need in everyday life for each person, family and community in general. Numerous researches show that this policy field in Serbia has been pretty neglected, letting citizens alone to find their way on housing market. Above all that, this policy field is centralized, poorly coordinated between state and local government, and local government as important actor, still doesn`t have enough competencies and capacities for this kind of activity.  The analysis of housing market focuses on the most important factors that influence the housing demand and supply. Through empirical research was predicted how long it will take for housing to be approachable to population. The aim of this paper is to show the possible way for development of housing policy in Serbia, to procure more affordable housing market for citizens, upgrading the quality of their lives. The main methods used in this study are: analysis (quantitative and qualitative), comparative analysis, empirical research, and predictions of future developmental scenarios. The paper has two parts: housing policy and housing market.