Snežana Milivojević

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Faculty of Philosophy, University of Priština, Kosovska Mitrovica



In the meanders of Serbian history, discontinuities often occurred, which were ideologically directed, due to incomprehensible delusions and misconceptions and which were often tragic. In these "winds of history", many important intellectuals who pointed out these misconceptions and potential misfortunes, suffered great consequences (personal and scientific), were pushed out of collective memory, were forgotten and some were declared enemies of the state, as was the case with Dragoljub Jovanović. For an adequate response to the challenges that the times put before the people, the most responsible are the elite of every nation, whose task is to know and see the best. In other words, the people of one nation are ready for the challenges of time to the extent that their elite are ready, so it is necessary to seek the answer to the question of what is a measure of the proper social engagement of intellectuals. When we find it, then we have a pattern that needs to be followed. Can Dragoljub Jovanovic be a measure of a proper socially engaged intellectual? This paper tires to answer that question.