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The article discusses the relations of the great powers after the pandemic and the possible answers of Serbia. In the coming years, we can expect a wave of technological innovation and abandonment of the economy of oil, gas, coal, nuclear energy and rapid development and wide application of achievements in the fields of artificial intelligence, information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and cognitive sciences. Many current political analyzes deal with the relations between the United States, Moscow and Beijing and their new agreement on world order. Two views on the relations between China and Russia stand out in particular. First, that liberal, capitalist Russia and communist China are united against the United States. Secondly, that Russia will, sooner or later, become the prey of China, which would give the latter unprecedented strength. Today, Russia and China are partners that are cautiously deepening their cooperation since they have found a balance point in their mutual relations. Hence, Russia is carefully helping China defend itself against US pressure. On the other hand, the Chinese leadership concluded that it is unreasonable to reach for resources that Moscow is already willing to sell. A war for Siberia would ruin China's lucrative cooperation with Eurasia and bring it certain fiasco. The recent development of the events in the former SFRY and in Europe indicates the imminent reorganization of the current Balkan provisional. The main directions of action of the Serbian elite are directed towards both large and regional powers: the USA, Russia, China, Turkey and Germany. Today, the Serbian elite stands between the foreign policy course of the former SFRY and the new circumstances that give it the opportunity to design its original geopolitics. Serbia's geopolitics would enable the elites to enter into complex relations with the elites of the great powers on the basis of geographical position and spiritual heritage, as well as high ideals and goals.