Dragan Todorović

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Until 2011 Libya was a country with a moderate and tolerant islam without an organized islamist movement except in some periods. From one side, the Colonel Moamer al Gadhafi’s regime has suppressed any attempt of the islamisme growth and from the other one, the huge majority of the Libyan people did not show big enthusiasm toward Islamic extremism primarly because of belonging to traditionaly moderate islam that does not accept any religious extremism. The only region where the islamists were temporary creating their strongholds was the country`s East, the area around Bengahzi and the Green Mountains. The situation started hurriedly changing with the star of “the Arab Spring” that spread to Libya as well. The two most important aftermaths of “the Arab Spring” and socalled revolution in Libya were the total devastation of the country with cessation of its institutions` functioning and uncontrolled growth of the extreme Islamism and terrorisme. From these two aftermaths a series of other consequences derived, that is all caused that Libya has become one of the biggest victims of “the Arab Spring”.