Đorđe Mihajlović

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National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Types of Autonomy, Representation, and Participation of the Subnational Political Communities in the Western Balkans: The Case Study of Serbia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Macedonia and Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/1999)

Borders are changing constantly in the turbulent Balkan region. In the same vein the status of one community from majority to minority changes overnight. This work aims to, through comparative analysis, examine how the subnational political communities are integrated in Serbia, FYR Macedonia, and Kosovo by discussing three elements: autonomy, representation, and participation. The work is going to illustrate the applicability of Arend Lijphart’s consociational democracy elements in FYR Macedonia, limited applicability in Kosovo, and despite the existence of some elements the non-existence of consociational- ism in Serbia. The work underlines the role of international community, and the armed conflicts in establishing certain provisions that are tangible to the subnational political communities. Finally, the work seeks to demonstrate the importance of the communicating vessels principle in the counties and entities in question.