Biljana Prodović Milojković

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Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš



The focus of the authorʼs research is to verify the existing link between communication satisfaction and organizational commitment of employees. The motive of this research, as we could see, was the desire to determine whether there was a justification for the assumption that increasing communication satisfaction with employees increases their commitment to the organization. The main reason why it is important to know the answer to this research question is to prove the role that communication satisfaction plays in the process of creating and intensifying organizational commitment of employees, and thus in creating a successful organization and its competitive advantage. The primary idea of this paper was to empirically test the basic hypothesis that predicts that the more satisfied employees are with internal communication, the greater their commitment to the organization. The starting point is that the organizational commitment of employees as a dependent variable is the outcome of satisfaction with communication as an independent variable. The survey was based on the answers collected through a standardized and structured questionnaire on a sample of 105 respondents during the second semester of the 2018/2019 school years. The survey included employees at the elementary school “Vuk Karadzic” from Knjazevac, the secondary “Technical school” from Knjazevac and the secondary “Economic school” from Nis. These schools are rated by the Ministry of Education as having the highest or highest marks for the quality of their work. Central tendency (median) and variability (standard deviation) measures were used for the statistical analysis of the data collected at the level of descriptive statistics. From nonparametric tests, Spirmanʼs correlation coefficient was used to estimate the dependence between the variables. The research has proven that there is a strong positive relationship between employee satisfaction with communication and their organizational commitment. The results obtained are consistent with the literature and studies reported in this paper. The results of the research confirmed that increasing satisfaction with the successfully implemented internal communication system leads to an increase in organizational commitment of employees. This can have a positive effect on employee motivation, job satisfaction and good interpersonal relationships, thus contributing to the competitive advantage of the organization itself.