Anastasija Zdravković

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Center for Family Accommodation and Adoption in Niš



The social protection system is aimed at exercising the rights of vulnerable groups in an exceptional, timely and efficient manner. Differences in the individual characteristics of beneficiaries and their families have necessitated the expansion of the range of services within the social protection system. The involvement of social protection institutions in the city of Niš has continuously improved by offering a variety of services to more overcome the problems of individuals and families who struggled to cope in a crisis.

Therefore, the goal of this work is to present the importance of selecting an appropriate service for both individuals and families through a comparative analysis of case studies. The research is empirical and comparative. A descriptive method, a content analysis technique, was used, while the instrument was a case study from the Center for Family Accommodation and Adoption in Niš and the Center for the Provision of Social Protection Services “Mara.” These case studies focus on minor beneficiaries from dysfunctional families who access the social protection system through various services, assessing their best interests. The results of this qualitative research demonstrate that the integration of theory and practice, along with the provision of a variety of different services, are essential conditions for better meeting the needs of users. In conclusion, the diversification and pervasiveness of services contribute to a more complete satisfaction of the needs of users.