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Dealing with the state is as old as the state itself. Its origin, development and constitutional structure show the extent to which the state issue is important in theoretical thought. There are a large number of topics in the literature that try to explain the essence of the state issue, starting from individual aspects of its functioning. There does not seem to be an author, in legal and political theory, who has not tried to make a go in this field. The giant of our legal, political, sociological, literary, historical thought, Slobodan Jovanović made the same attempt. He meticulously dealt with the issue of the state in a deliberative style, respecting the theoretical achievements of his predecessors and contemporaries. Inspired by the ideas of the French educators, about whom he also wrote, Slobodan Jovanović pointed to the material and spiritual dimension of the internal and external structure of the state. His exceptional knowledge of the social and political circumstances in the country inspired the propositions of future solutions to important state issues. Thus, the breadth and depth of Slobodan Jovanović’s theoretical thought is greater, because the readers of his works are offered valuable reading that transcends spatial and temporal frameworks. He did not belong to the authors who dealt with important theoretical issues with a lead-heavy pen, but with a conversational style that enables a wider circle of readers to get to know the matter. That is why Professor Stevan Vračar rightly included Slobodan Jovanović in the ranks of personalities who make up the valuable scientific heritage of the Serbian people and state.

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