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The subject of this paper is a review of communication tools in the public administration of the Republic of Serbia, so we can take a closer look at the communication strategy of public institutions of the Republic of Serbia in contact with citizens of the city of Belgrade. Thus, in the example of public administration, more precisely the city administration of the city of Belgrade and one of the secretariats within the administration, we can see ways of communicating the practice of the city administration. We started from the definition of public administration as the concept from which institutional communication begins, and then, through the description of local self-government and the interconnectedness of communication (and the management system, as well), we narrow our research so that we can reach the goal of the work.

The aim of the research is to take a closer look at communication tools in everyday work with citizens and among employees in interconnected units of city government.

The methods used in the paper, represent retrospective data analysis, communication analysis and the basis of the communication strategy (and its consequences), represented at the institutional level, today. Thus, the results showed that the current state of communication practice of public institutions is at a satisfactory level, but that certain changes are also needed to achieve more efficient, effective and humane communication with citizens, as the most important users of the services of city secretariats.

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