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The article provides an overview of key issues that determine the general context of the discussion. The analysis covers the internal regulations of the Republic of Serbia (RS) in two areas: inland waterways traffic and environmental protection. When it comes to inland waterways traffic regulations is analyzed from the standpoint of the environmental protection criteria. Particular attention is drawn to the provisions regulating the obligations and rights of different subjects in terms of measures for the prevention of environmental pollution, including waste management. Equally, the paper also points to the environmental regulation that is of relevance for the inland waterways traffic. Additionally, there has been provided an overview of the most important international treaties regulating inland waterways traffic and environmental protection. The main goal of this paper is to examine the way in which the protection of the environment is regulated in the regulations governing inland waterways traffic. Points of convergence of the two legal regimes have been identified, while an emphasis is put on open questions and possible weaknesses in the existing system of norms.

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