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Harmonisation of Asylum and Integrations Policy With the European Union Legislation


Serbia’s strategic priority in the EU integration process is harmonisation of legislative and administrative frameworks with European standards. The importance of migration issue arises from its relevance for the social and economic development and the rate of progress in the European Union accession process. Still, Serbia has no unique and explicitly formulated migration policy. Migration management and integration policy are primarily characterised by being focused on problems and needs of refugees and internally displaced persons. Despite the revised legislation within legal and illegal migrations, asylum and visa policies, adoption of many sector strategies, there is no comprehensive migration policy that is completely harmonised with the European Union guidelines, moralities and principles. Even with the significant progress in these areas, first of all in the asylum system which is harmonised to the international standards to a great extent, Serbia is still facing great challenges due to limited resources, lack of capacities and insufficient coordination of responsible authorities.

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