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The subject of this paper is a theoretical review of the history of human communication, reviewed from the time of its visible development, to this day, and examined through the analysis of the literature of authors who wrote about it. We proceed from the basic definition of the term, in order to explain, through further text, the periods of the beginnings of the communication practice of people through history, which leads to the goal of work.The aim of the research was – to find out through the theory of theoretical experiments the basis of the science of communication, which we come up with by analyzing the results of previous works. In order to look at the tools communicated by the past civilization, all in terms of setting up the base / foundation of further research opus by the authors of this paper, in the capacity of continuing such practice and applying knowledge in the sphere of communication.The results of the work have shown that, although the topic of research is a common topic, communication needs to be deepened through the basics of its development, precisely by insight into its beginnings. Accordingly, the results showed that it is necessary to work on improving the quality of human communication of the modern age, which is possible only through a thorough analysis of (first) its history.

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