The new scientific monograph “Defense of Serbia – Contributions to the geopolitics of national security”, authored by Dr. Ljubiša Despotović and Dr. Vanja Glišin, published by the Institute for Political Studies and Archives of Vojvodina.

The monograph “Defense of Serbia” is the result of years of cooperation between the authors Despotović and Glišin, in which they tried to cover a wide range of topics concerning Serbia and the Serbian people as a whole. Geopolitical and security aspects were primarily analyzed, and hence the basic starting point of this monograph is the geopolitics of national security as a new subdiscipline defined by the authors.

The authors have divided the monograph into three parts, trying to methodologically clearly, scientifically based and precisely situate Serbia in global and regional political relations, especially pointing out its position between two opposing geopolitical poles of power – USA and Russia. In this regard, the authors entitled the first chapter “Prevent Serbia from sinking into the Atlantic”, dedicating the lines of the book to the deceased colleague and professor Dr. Radoslav Gaćinović, who worked tirelessly until the last moments of his life to defend the national interests of the Serbs. and Serbia.

The second chapter concerns the relations between Serbia and Russia through political, diplomatic, economic, economic, security, cultural and other aspects. In this context, the authors state that Russia represents a geopolitical alternative.

Taking into account that the very title “Defense of Serbia” requires an extensive analysis of historical processes and events that have been a heavy burden for the Serbian people and state continuously, until today, the authors clearly state in the third chapter that Serbia and the Serbian countries are in the process of territorial contraction and disintegration of national identity, which unequivocally says that Serbia must (defend) itself.