SECOND SUPPLEMENTED EDITION OF THE COLLECTION: La France et la Serbia: Les défis de l’amitié éternelle

We inform you that the Institute for Political Studies has printed the second updated edition of the collection La France et la Serbia: les défis de l’amitié éternelle, whose editors are Dr. Aleksandra Kolaković, Senior Research Associate of the Institute for Political Studies and prof. Dr. Sacha Markovic from Sorbonne University, Paris IV.

This work was created as a result of projects and cooperation between the Sorbonne University, Paris IV and the Institute for Political Studies, which were financed on the basis of the bilateral cooperation between France and Serbia in the field of science “Pavle Savić”.

The collection is a tribute to the 180th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Serbia and contains 22 scientific papers written by 23 eminent scientists not only from France and Serbia, but also from Romania, Bulgaria and Italy.

In addition to the printed version, the Collection is also available in the Repository of the Institute for Political Studies.