LECTURE BY GARETH WALL – September 8, 2023 at 12 noon, Institute for Political Studies

On September 8, 2023. starting at 12 noon, in the premises of the Institute for Political Studies (Dobrinjska 11), there will be a lecture by Gareth Wall entitled “Local Democracy and Reconciliation Processes”.

Gareth James Wall is a researcher at the University of Birmingham, UK and the Institute of Development Studies in Calcutta.  His doctoral dissertation proposes an innovative methodology in researching the priorities of the local community through deliberative democracy aimed at human development. He has published works in the field of public policy and local governance, which include academic research and data analysis, as well as public policy proposals and political analysis. Wall has been cooperating with leading publishing houses that publish open access works for many years. Since 2013, he has been an assistant editor at the “Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance” magazine, and as an assistant editor he is also engaged at the “Local Government Studies” magazine, a globally leading magazine in this field.

Wall’s lecture will focus on the findings of a research project he led that examined the role of local governments in post-conflict environments. The findings of this project were published in a special edition of the magazine “Third World Quarterly”, as well as in a monograph published by the publishing house “Routledge”. The lecture will present the role of local levels of government in reducing pre-conflict tensions and fostering social cohesion as part of the post-conflict peace-building process, through case studies of Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Northern Ireland.

The lecture will be held in English, and after Wall’s presentation, there will be questions from the audience.