As it is already known, on Thursday, September 28, starting at 1:00 p.m., there was a discussion about the monograph “SERBIAN STARTING POINT: Freedom, Nation, State, Democracy”, National perspective, first part. 

The stand was opened by prof. Dr. Milomir Stepić, head of the Center for Geopolitics, who says that it is necessary to have prior training in order to listen to and be able to follow Miloš Knežević, the author of the monograph, who writes about new generally accepted terms, neologisms. 

At the very beginning of the presentation, prof. Dr. Momčilo Subotić, spoke about the tragedy that befell the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija in the previous days, as the head of the Center for Kosovo and Metohija, and then referred to the work itself, the preservation and loss of national identity, citing the example of the famous work of “Pilipenda, author Sima Matavulj. 

After that, he gave the floor to the guest, reviewer of the monograph, senior scientific associate from the Institute for International Politics and Economy, Dr. Slobodan Janković, who said that Miloš’s work is a rare example, more precisely, a Serbian-political dictionary in which the author clearly states who is who and what is what 

Professor Dr. Ljubiša Despotović, continued the conversation by talking about the importance of epic poetry that has lived through all the centuries, “Svetosavlje” and other guardians of Serbian identity. 

In addition to such names, the honor of speaking about the monograph went to the young researcher Savo Simić, who presented Knežević as a geopolitical philosopher, and clearly indicated to us what makes his work specific. 

And at the very end, Miloš, the excellent author of the monograph, presented his work, which ended the forum, with expectations that we will organize more events like this and soon present the second part of the National Perspective. 

“Since the aesthetically ugly dominates, the text must be beautiful”; “While many look, few really see” – the author’s words. 

Special show about this conversation is on our YouTube channel.