On Friday, January 26, 2024, the Feast Saint Sava, the Day of the Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, was solemnly celebrated, in the presence of numerous dignitaries, representatives of the highest state institutions, associates, friends and employees of the Institute.

The ceremonial act of cutting the Slavic cake was performed by: prof. Dr. Uroš Šuvaković, President of the Management Board of IPS; Dr. Miša Stojadinović, director of IPS; Dr. Zoran Milošević, Deputy Director of IPS and Father Boško Savić, priest of the Church of the Ascension in Belgrade.

The event was accompanied by the traditional music of the “Renaissance” ensemble, led by Dragan Mlađenović.

All those present were greeted with an appropriate speech by: Dr. Miša Stojadinović, director of IPS; Dr. Marina Soković, assistant minister in Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation and Dr. Uroš Šuvaković, President of the Management Board of IPS.

Then the director of IPS presented the Saint Sava awards to: Miloš Knežević, Charter for life’s work; Dr. Adriana Grmuša, Charter for the best scientific monograph in 2023; MSc Andrijana Lazarević and MSc Dušan Radujko, MSc Milica Topalović and MSc Jovan Berić, Charter for the best scientific paper in the Collection; Charter for the best collection of scientific papers in 2023; prof. Kirill Shevchenko, Ph.D and prof. Oleg Kazak, Ph.D, Charter for the best scientific paper in the Collection “Europe and theDanube”.

Charters for the best papers in our journals were also presented to: lieutenant colonels Dr. Miloš Milenković and Dr. Milinko Vračar, and Dr. Đuro Bodrožić (Serbian Political Thought); prof. Dr. Milan Jovanović and MSc Savo Simić, and Dr. Rajko Petrović (Political Review); Dr. Milena Pešić (National Interest); Dr. Duško Tomić, prof. Dr. Eldar Šaljić and Prof. Dr. Muhamed Badin el Jatua (UAE), and Dr. Nenad Stekić (National Security Policy); Dr. Vesna Stanković Pejnović and MSc Jelena Vujanović (Administration and public policies). A certificate of appreciation for the quality of administrative work was presented to Dragana Trivković, administrative and technical secretary of IPS.

On this occasion, Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the representatives of the institutions with which IPS will continue its successful cooperation in 2024: Colonel Prof. Dr. Srđan Blagojević, head of the Military Academy; Dr. Jovanka Šaranović, director of the Institute for Strategic Research, Belgrade; Dr. Goran Matić, Director of the Office of the Council for National Security and Protection of Secret Information; prof. Dr. Violeta Rašković Talović, Dean of the Faculty of International Politics and Security, Belgrade; prof. Dr. Branislav Đorđević, Director of the Institute for International Politics and Economy, Belgrade, and President of the Board of Directors of IPS, prof. Dr. Uroš Šuvaković.

Honorary guest from Minsk, prof. Dr. Kirill Shevchenko presented IPS Director with a Blessing to the Institute from the Patriarchal Exarch of Belarus Veniamin, and IPS Deputy Director with a Certificate of Merit before the Belarusian Orthodox Church.

We would like to thank all those present who made this event special.