On Thursday, December 28, 2023, a memorial service was held for Živojin-Žika Đurić, longtime director of the Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, who passed away on December 2, 2022 at the age of 68 after a long illness. On this occasion, the Živojin Đurić Memorial 1954-2022, a book that was recently published, was presented to those present.

About the former director, in the presence of employees of the Institute itself, family, colleagues and former associates, the following spoke movingly: Dr. Miša Stojadinović, director of the Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, Miloš Knežević, editor-in-chief of Cpomenica, prof. Dr. Uroš Šuvaković, President of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, Dr. Zoran Milošević, Deputy Director of IPS, wife of Živojin Đurić – Dana and MSc Dajana Lazarević, philologist.

Today, after a little more than a year, we found ourselves in the premises of the Institute, in order to honor the former director and distinguished member of the academic community, who managed to transform the then humble institution, the Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, into one of the most respected scientific institution of political science in Serbia. Although he did not wait to move into the Institute’s new space, he managed to create valid assumptions for the continuation of its developmental transformation. The Memorial remains, a material legacy, which will strengthen the existing opinion about his personality for those who knew Živojin Đurić, while for those who did not know him, it will give many reasons to think about a time, a man and a scientific institution.