Mission and Vission

The Institute for Political Studies is a scientific research institution based in Belgrade, active in the field of political sciences for 55 years now.

Over the course of half a century of its activity, the Institute has developed into a modern and independent scientific institution, specialising in complex social research. Thus, the Institute is involved in fundamental national and international research projects, notably those focused on political institutions and processes; development of political theory and its fundamental concepts; identity and political culture; European relations and international policy; as well as current trends in political sciences.

Through its research work, the Institute has established itself as a reference institution for political research in Serbia and beyond. Our researchers are fully prepared not only for the analytical interpretation of phenomena, but also for undertaking complex research by using the latest analytical and qualitative tools. In this scope, the Institute regularly produces in-depth and argumented analyses and projections of future trends, also creating institutional development concepts and public policy models – consistent with its orientation at the modernization of political life on the whole.

The Institute achieves its mission through organisation of research; a rich publishing activity including seven periodicals in Serbian and English, as well as a range of relevant books, collections of papers and other publications; organisation of events and scientific conferences. The Institute also renders services in the domain of public activities such as opinion polls, consulting, political marketing, drafting of public policy proposals and the like.

The Institute’s activities are performed by a dedicated research team including professionals of outstanding research expertise (political scientists, lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, communicologists, economists), enabling a multidisciplinary and thorough approach to analyses, projections and models. The Institute is autonomous in its work, successfully upholdinig the dignity of a scientific institution whose researchers excell in their critical and objective approach to the subject of research.

Throughout its existence, the Insititute has maintained its primary purpose – the creation of high quality scientific research, making it available to the academic community, media, policy and decision makers, as well as the general public, i.e. all interested citizens. For this reason, all of the Insititute’s journals are available from this web-site and can be freely accessed by visitors.