About journal

The journal “National Security Policy” represents an accumulation of contemporary reflections on the influence of politics on the process of building and functioning of the national security system of a modern state. The magazine was created from the anthology “Serbia”, which was published regularly for four years and primarily dealt with topics from the domain of defense and security policy, as well as security risks and threats. By the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Political Studies, since 2013, this collection has become first a thematic yearbook, and then the “National Security Policy” magazine. The editorial aims to analyze and study various aspects of national and international security from a scientific point of view, and especially the role of the state and political structures in creating a security environment, especially in the context of the 21st century and the asymmetric security threats to which the modern state is exposed.
The magazine is published twice a year, in April and November.

Publisher: Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade

ISSN: 2334-959X

DOI: 10.22182/pnb

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