About journal

The idea of launching the journal National Interest arose in 2004, in the circle of intellectuals gathered around the Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade. The journal was launched on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of modern Serbian statehood. In this sense, the journal is primarily devoted to the study of the most important issues related to the concept of the state and state (national) interest, from the perspective of various scientific disciplines. Two centuries of Serbian statehood served the journal’s founders as a reference point of great value and importance both for Serbian national identity and for the study of the libertarian tradition of the Serbian people and its influence on other Balkan liberation movements, as well as the issue of basing civil and democratic political culture in this region. However, it should be emphasized that the journal is not narrowly limited to the research of historical or identity issues, but also deals with other, diverse and always relevant topics in the field of political theory and political science in general, in accordance with the editorial policy.

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